The Dorna Centre Home for Autism is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting children & young people with Autism, their families and the Autism community at large.


The home opened its doors in order to improve the quality of education for children with Autism in Uganda who could not be served in mixed disability environments and regular school settings


Dorna Centre was founded by Ms Dorothy Nambi ,She is very passionate about transforming the lives of autistic children through holistic social. emotional, intellectual and spiritual development

+ Our Mission


Dorna Centre is an NGO registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and recognized by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, training children and adults with Autism. Dorna Centre offers individual care and education to children & young adults with autism.

The mission of Dorna Centre is to transform the lives of children and young people with autism by providing education and therapeutic services which promote greater independence in home and community settings

Tel: +256 788726032 | +256 752 596887  

Email: ndorothy2013@gmail.com