What is the Dorna Centre Home for Autism, and why should I donate?



The Dorna Centre Home for Autism is the only organization of its kind in Kampala, Uganda dealing exclusively with autism. Dorna Centre offers a weekly boarding and day school and many different types of therapy for severe and mild autistic children. Because most of the children’s families cannot afford the fees, Dorna Centre highly discounts the service. As a result, the Centre cannot support itself on its own. These donation programs will help Dorna Centre increase the great work it is doing to accept more children and young people with autism, and continue to provide autistic children with the therapy, education, meals, and care they need.


  • There are two problems that autistic children face in Uganda. For one, the poverty of most families does not allow for specialized education and care. Families view help for their autistic child a low priority behind basic needs for the entire family.



  • Another issue for children with special needs is that the culture views disabilities as a curse for the parents, an omen representing some type of punishment. Because of this widespread perspective, the children’s needs are highly neglected.


  • Majority of our parents are single mothers because their husbands abandoned them in the belief that a child with Autism is a curse. Because of this widespread perspective, the children are left with the mothers who unable to support their needs and they end up being neglected.


By donating to the Dorna Centre you are aiding with the two biggest problems that face autistic children in Uganda. Children who would not be able to receive the services of Dorna Centre will be granted that, and also the importance of caring and loving for every single child, autistic or not, will resound because of your heart in giving.






Your donation counts and will make a huge difference to the lives of  our children and community

Unfortunately you CAN NOT donate via Paypal at the moment since Paypal does not yet support withdrawals in Uganda


1.  Donate via bank transfer


Details for transferring your funds to Dorna Centre Home for Autism:


Bank: Barclays Bank of Uganda

Bank Branch: Ntinda

Account Number:  6004487182

Account Name: Dorna Centre Home for Autism


International transfers may also require a swift code

Swift Code: BARCUGKX


For a receipt please email info@dornahomeforautism with the following in information:


Your name (or organisation name)

Your postal address

Amount deposited

Date deposited

Your contact phone number



2. Join our 'Sponsor a Child' programme via a regular ongoing donation (details below)


Download a Direct Debit Form (will be uploaded soon)


Download a Gift Aid Certificate (will be uploaded soon)


3. Send a Cheque


Please make cheques payable to: "Dorna Centre Home for Autism" and post to Plot 23, Minister’s Village off Martyrs Way - Ntinda, Kampala, Uganda


4. Donate via Western Union Mobile Money: Tel: 0788 726032


5. Donate via Remmitance services






6. Or contact Dorothy Nambi at Dorna Centre Home for Autism on: ndorothy2013@gmail to help organise your donation for you.



Donation Programs:


Sponsor a Child Program


The cost of therapy, day care, and two meals is $5 per day. Most children’s families cannot afford this and do not bring their children back to The Centre. This is one of the biggest problems facing Dorna Centre. The sponsorship of a child would change the child’s life by providing meals that they may not get outside the Centre, as well as much needed therapy and loving care from the Dorna staff. There are many different ways to sponsor a child other than the flat $5 per day. Options include sponsoring a child’s therapy or their day care fees.



Adopt-a-Meal Program


Dorna Centre provides two meals a day for each child as well as all of the workers and volunteers. The food is a large expense. To sponsor a meal or even an ingredient would allow the Centre to use income on other very important things for the children.


Different things to Adopt:


Rice for a week- $5


Sugar for a week- $4


Beans for a week- $5


Porridge for a week- $3


Sponsor an entire meal- $10


Sponsor meals for an entire day- $20


Sponsor meals for an entire week- $60



Chicken Croiler Program


Dorna Centre is looking to build and maintain a chicken Croiler on- site. To start, this will cost 2,000,000 shillings, which amounts to $1200. The startup cost includes the chickens and materials to build the coop. The purpose of this program is to:


1) Provide sustainable meals for the children and staff


2) Provide a form constant stream of income for the Centre


3) Teach the children lessons of responsibility




Supplies for Dorna


A donation in support of Supplies for Dorna will help ensure The Centre is able to obtain the following items:



Leap Frog system, with games for 3-10 years


Small Dry Erase Boards


Specialized Chairs


Standing Frame


Toys for Therapy


Resources for Therapists


Children’s DVD’s




Cleaning Supplies


Copy Paper


Kitchen Supplies




Coloring Books





Phone:  +256 788 726032

Email:  info[at]dornahomeforautism.org

Address:  Plot 23, Minister’s Village off Martyrs Way
- Ntinda, Kampala, Uganda

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